Grant Stevens is an Australian artist based in Sydney. Working predominantly with moving image, photography, and installation, his art practice explores the intersections of emerging digital technologies, wellness culture, and experiences of selfhood. He has exhibited widely in Australia and internationally, and held numerous solo exhibitions in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and the United States. His work has also been curated into many group exhibitions at publicly funded museums and contemporary art spaces, nationally and internationally. In 2007, Stevens received his PhD from the Queensland University of Technology and has subsequently held a number of academic positions. He is currently Deputy Head of School (Art) at UNSW Art & Design, and his work is represented by Sullivan + Strumpf, Sydney, and Starkwhite, Auckland.


Selected Solo Exhibitions

The Mountain and The Waterfalls, Starkwhite, Auckland, 2018.

You Have Within You Right Now Everything You Need To Succeed, Sullivan + Strumpf, Sydney, 2018.

The Sun Set, Art by Accident, Murray Art Museum Albury, 2017.

What You Seek Is Seeking You, Sullivan + Strumpf, Sydney, 2016.

Dark Mess, Boxcopy, Brisbane, 2015.

What We Had Was Real, City Gallery Wellington, Wellington, 2014.

Hold Together, Fall Apart, Starkwhite, Auckland, 2014.

Supermassive, Screen Space, Melbourne, 2014.

Supermassive, LA Louver, Venice, California, 2013.

Tranquility Falls, Gallery Barry Keldoulis, Angel Place, Sydney, 2013.

Seriously, Relax, Gallery Barry Keldoulis, Sydney, 2012.

Burst, PICA, Perth, 2010.

Horizons, Gallery Barry Keldoulis, Sydney, 2010.

Wobbly, Gallery Barry Keldoulis, Sydney, 2009.

Fazed, Starkwhite, Auckland, 2009.

No Bad Days, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane, 2008.

Really Really, Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne, 2008.

Education, Education, Gallery Barry Keldoulis, Sydney, 2007.

Cliché and Collusion: Video Works by Grant Stevens, Museum of Art, Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah, 2007.

Going Steady, Starkwhite, Auckland, 2007.

The Switch, Il Ponte Contemporanea, Rome, 2007.

New Ideas for Cake, The Block, Brisbane, 2006.

Cut to the Cheese: Selected Works, Museum of Brisbane, Brisbane, 2006.

The Switch, Lismore Regional Gallery, Lismore, 2006.

I Like Ike, Gallery Barry Keldoulis, Sydney, 2005.

When There’s Love, Metro Arts, Brisbane, 2005.

Like Two Ships, Kings ARI, Melbourne, 2005.

Some Want It All, Gallery Barry Keldoulis, Sydney, 2004.

Dazed and Praised, Pestorius Sweeney House, Brisbane, 2004.


Selected Group Exhibitions

Hope Dies Last: Art at the End of Optimism, Gertrude Contemporary, Melbourne (curated by Mark Feary), 2019.

Oceans From Here, Gosford Regional Gallery, touring exhibition from the Australian Centre for Photography (curated by Allison Holland), 2019.

After Technology, UTS Gallery, Sydney (curated by Stella Rosa McDonald and Eleanor Zeichner), 2019.

Yours Internally, Margaret Lawrence Gallery, Melbourne (two person exhibition with Kiron Robinson, curated by David Sequeira), 2018.

Prelude to Oceans From Here, Australian Centre for Photography, Sydney (curated by Allison Holland), 2018.

Evolver, LA Louver, Venice, CA, 2018.

Transboundaries: Art + Connection, QUT Art Museum, Brisbane, 2018.

Out of the Ordinary, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, 2017.

GOMA Q: Contemporary Queensland Art, QAGOMA, Brisbane, 2015.

In Motion, Starkwhite, Auckland, 2015.

My Feet Would Hurt If They Still Existed, Alaska Projects, Sydney (curated by Finn Marchant and Nicholas Shearer), 2015.

Striking Contrasts, touring exhibition, various venues including Bathurst Regional Gallery, NSW, Hazelhurst Regional Gallery and Arts Centre, NSW, Grafton Regional Gallery, NSW (curated by dLux Media Arts), 2014.

The Wandering: Moving Images from the MCA Collection, touring exhibition, various venues including Cairns Regional Gallery, Qld, Artspace Mackay, Qld, Drill Hall Gallery, Australian National University, ACT, Wollongong City Gallery, NSW, 2014.

It’s Timely, Blacktown Arts Centre, Sydney (catalogue) (curated by Paul Howard and Gary Carsley), 2014.

Bazinga!, Starkwhite, Auckland (curated by Robert Leonard), 2013.

We Used to Talk About Love, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney (catalogue) (curated by Natasha Bullock), 2013.

City of Hobart Art Prize, Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, Hobart, 2013.

Desire Lines, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne (curated by Juliana Engberg), 2012.

Speak to Me, Experimenta 5th International Biennial of Media Art, RMIT Gallery, Melbourne (curated by Abigail Moncrieff), 2012.

Greatest Hits Volume 3, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane (curated by Anna Zammit), 2012.

National Artists’ Self-Portrait Prize, University of Queensland Art Museum, Brisbane, 2011.

The New Arcadia, Lismore Regional Gallery, Lismore, 2011.

VideoRow, The Torrence Art Museum, Los Angeles, California, 2011.

Let the Healing Begin, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane (curated by Robert Leonard), 2011.

Big Tree Foot, J & Z Gallery, Shenzhen, China, 2010.

City of Hobart Art Prize, Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, 2010.

In Order Out, Anna Pappas Gallery, Melbourne, 2010.

Speaking in Tongues, Nature Morte Berlin, Germany, 2009.

The more you ignore me, the closer I get, University of Queensland Art Museum, Brisbane, 2009.

Word, Anna Schwartz Gallery, Sydney, 2009.

Some Text Missing, CAST, Hobart (curated by Sarah Jones), 2009.

Total Nowhere Emotion Expansion, Brisbane Festival (curated by Vivian Ziherl), 2009.

Ornament is a Crime, Gallery 1927, Los Angeles, 2008.

The Dating Show, IMA @ TCB, Brisbane (curated by Robert Leonard), 2008.

Typecast, Sophie Gannon Gallery, Melbourne (curated by Marilyn & Sons), 2008.

neo-goth: back in black, University of Queensland Art Museum, Brisbane (curated by Alison Kubler), 2008.

Artisti, Il Ponte Contemporanea, Rome, 2008.

The Leisure Class, the Australian Cinematheque, Queensland Art Gallery/Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane, 2007.

Bad Brains, a little blah blah, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, 2007.

New Deities: Art and the Cult of Celebrity, Devonport Regional Gallery, Devonport, Plimsoll Gallery, Hobart, 2007.

Anne Landa Award, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, 2006.

Man/Trouble, Downtown Art Space, Adelaide, 2006.

Like Two Ships, Elastic residence, London, 2005.

Prime 2005: New Art From Queensland, Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane, 2005.

2004: Australian Culture Now, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne (catalogue), 2004.

Octopus 5, Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces, Melbourne (curated by Nicholas Chambers) (catalogue), 2004.

Zeitgeist, Australian Centre of Photography, Sydney, 2004.

Gravity, MAAP Festival, Singapore Art Museum, Singapore (catalogue), 2004.


Selected Screenings and Commissions

Public Art Screens, i/o/lab, Stavanger, Norway, 2014.

MAF Video, Melbourne Art Fair, Melbourne, 2014.

Video Contemporary, Sydney Contemporary, Sydney, 2013.

Mingling, Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, Sydney, 2012.

Kick Off, Metricon Stadium, Gold Coast, 2011.

Move Primary, Art In Motion, Kaldor Public Art Projects, 2011.

Next Wave Time Lapse, Federation Square’s Big Screen, Melbourne, 2010.

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